“From Within” comes “A Place of Solace”

 Amazing when music opens channels that are sometimes closed due to the inner noise of the world in our every day goings on.

What is it, that an instrument of such simplicity can invoke within stirring the soul? Perhaps it is the player with each stroke, imparts to the instrument such energy that transcends beyond words. Or maybe the player and the instrument have become one? Can it all be referred to as harmonic energy dancing in sweet vibration?

Music is to me “a tuning of collective energy that bounces off of each wave finding its own sound of balance against the backdrop of life.”

Maybe the chords of music speak to you as well, whispering a story to your soul.

My day began with a certain stillness, yet my thoughts were scattered, as a feeling of disarray washed over me. I knew at that moment much of what I set out to accomplish hung in the balance.  I began to ask myself, where and why did these feelings seem to demand my attention?


I got the impulse to just  STOP!  As silent as it was in the room, the place I was reaching for was solace. Maybe in a place  of solace, would be the answer to finding some sort of order to my thoughts.

So there I was, waiting  first, for the answer to why my thoughts felt so scattered. No sooner had I asked that question of myself it became clear, it was information overload, fear that I would not meet my financial deadlines.  It was like watching letters scattered without any congruence. That was it! My thoughts had no congruity. Like a train with wheels unable to fit inside the track, ready to derail.

Where and how was I to find some type of resolve or order within?

Strange as it may seem, “music” was the word uttered from my lips. As if some great force of intense magnitude were guiding me, I surely felt music was out of the question.  Just the thought of hearing someone singing, well just would not go well for me.  At that very moment I was compelled to check my email. Email it is, as I had no idea the genre of music or even the artist for that matter.

I proceeded to open and sort priority messages, which briefly eased the feeling of disarray, to discover something very unusual. There in the inbox among the various emails, the word evolution in the subject line caught my eye. No more had I’d clicked the link, a music video popped up.

Music! The title View From Within seemed appropriate. Why not. Everything else wasn’t making any sense, then or second thought could this be synchronicity? If  it was, I was curious. Could this be the reason I had gone to my email? Well I guess when you go looking for answers to any given situation, they have a strange way of showing up. At least this wasn’t so bad.

This day appeared to be taking its own course, unlike anything I had imagined.

With the answers unveiled without any conscious thinking on my part, its like the events of the day had come to direct me, give me peace of mind in music, soothing my scattered thoughts, transitioning me for the unplanned, only to later discover a gift of “tools.”  Tools that shed light on the intricacies of the mind.

22 Powerful Tools To Transform Your Fear

It is my earnest belief, it was in asking, listening and allowing “from within” that helped me to discover “a place of solace” today.  Could it be…  that in each new dawn, amidst life’s conflicts, even those within ourselves, gifts are being offered up to us in the most indescribable ways?

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