To Live Deliberately

Thoughts to ponder in, Henry David Thoreau’s ,I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately.”


Usually when I write from home, my inspiration sometimes comes when I am sitting in my favorite place overlooking a well manicured lawn, a magnificent lake where turtles sunbathe and ducklings waddle. There is a bird’s-eye view of the flow of traffic, but only the hum of the vehicles is heard in the distance.

From my view the cars whiz by as dark clouds roll across the sky, signalling a warning of impending showers any moment. I begin to think about the drivers out there heading to work after yesterday’s 4th of July public holiday here in America.

Today’s Thoughts

It’s Friday morning and for those up early to get a jump on the day of a closing work week, it’s hard not to focus on the upcoming weekend plans. Who in the 9-5 doldrum of life doesn’t look forward to Friday? Well except those that have taken a job in hospitality, retail, or the restaurant industry where public holidays, any holiday for that matter would be a long-awaited comfort in their line of work. Which brings me back to my opening paragraph and its deeper meaning.

In the writing of Henry David Thoreau’s, “I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately,” the words live deliberately resonated in my mind. What is living deliberately? Is it centered around a job of stress, waiting for the next holiday to spend time with friends and family? Maybe this describes you, unable to finish those projects, or new ideas put aside because you’re too tired after work from helping someone else build their dream?


For Henry Thoreau, the woods was his place to “front the essentials of life”.  I envision him being in a quiet place, the sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling beneath his footsteps, where poplar and oak trees shade him from the sun. You may believe you don’t have that luxury to escape it all with life being so busy. And what is it that is essentially important to his life? Is it to find within himself those experiences which matter most, and in his discovery promise himself to take action to live and not merely exist?

As I sit here thinking about what is essentially important to me to live a deliberate life, the dark clouds have burst pelting the earth with rain. Turning my attention to the traffic I notice the cars are no longer whizzing by so quickly. There is a cry of sirens approaching, where some poor shcmuck thought it would be a brilliant idea to try to race the light on a wet road. Was that driver living deliberately?

I ask, myself and all of you, is it your wish to “live deliberately,” and if it is, what actions are you taking each day to make that possible, so that you too, will not come to discover when it’s time to die, that you “had not lived,” really lived?

In my reflecting to find a deeper meaning, I came across this article today written by James Altucher, titled 10 Reasons Why You Have To Quit Your Job This Year.

We do live in a time like no other, where technology with right mind thinking offers limitless possibilities. A time where the only limits are created by our lack of imagination. Perhaps you will discover that to live deliberately is not as far-fetched as you believe. The paradigm shift is not only about environmental issues alone, but about us, you and me.

To Live Deliberately is a post from Carlye’s Expressions


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