Old timers call it “having gumption”

I am always avidly reading articles, books and talking with others that share any interest in intuitive and independent thinking. I laugh when I find I get stuck on some of my own ideas based on so many generational influences.

It is said, I come from a lineage of long-living individuals. Shucks, my quick-witted 94-year-old grandmother still drives. She drove a 5-speed manual car until she was 90, trading that out for an automatic. No Joke! It’s her confidence in herself, her belief that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. Old-timers call it “having gumption.”

My Wheels

My Wheels

But like any generation there are personal and lifestyle characteristics that stick like gum on a shoe. You know what I mean don’t you? When gum gets in the groves of the sole and won’t budge without poking and prying to clear it out. That is why change for any generation is like those bits of gum, resisting to let go for perpetual expansion.

Everything we create originates in the mind. It’s always the invisible idea before it’s anything tangible. I read “Man is the joint heir to Consciousness that is common to all men.” This Consciousness is Infinite and Inexhaustible and the ability to harness the two, is only limited by its own estimations.” – Earl Prevette

Mind is Invisible

Mind is Invisible

You have the ability to become all that you envision yourself to be, but in order to do so, you have to have a passion for what you are doing. When you believe in what you envision for your life, you must build on those abilities. It could be you like painting, archery, languages, writing, MMA (mixed martial arts), to surf, whatever you desire, it’s when you consistently put in the time to apply the necessary steps, that the idea becomes your working piece of art manifested.

I love riding motorcycles. Was it scary the first time? Did I have confidence? Yes. My first motorcycle was a 50cc, then a 90cc, then a 150cc to a 250cc to the 600 Yamaha you see on my profile. I built off of  my ability to ride from the 50cc, getting better at it.  I love the unencumbered feeling riding a motorcycle offers.



When I think of the so-called by society Y” Generation’s ongoing efforts in finding suitable employment for themselves and the numbers that have graduated questioning “if all the money put into an education was a waste,” I am amazed to hear of the small percentages that have challenged their ability to start something. Where has imagination disappeared?

Does it take a degree, when others without a degree have consciously made a decision to dare to think for themselves, rely on their own ability to take action with confidence? Listen I’m not knocking education.  Just 3 days ago, I was listening to this coach, and in his speech he spoke of confidence not being enough, how skills are important.  I agree to disagree, because anyone with CONFIDENCE will be more likely to challenge their ability than the person questioning their skills and not doing anything.


I am considered of the Baby-Boomer generation and according to statistics Baby-Boomers are the reason for the high credit debt “buy now pay later” attitude. Well did I buy into that? NOPE! Baby-Boomer is just another box folks have been juxtaposed into, like Generation X and Y.



Go ahead, do what you have the confidence to do, so that you can realize the dream for yourself, whatever that may be! Seek, search and things will be revealed. Take the challenge to dare, think, organize (personal attributes and qualities) for freedom (unload the mind of what-ifs) and see your vision (imagination in action). Coordinate (ideas in harmony), have conviction (conquer doubt). Convince yourself and you convince all.


Who am I?  I am like you. You see, one of my many dreams is writing from the heart, building on my ability, adding value to another human being’s life. I am applying my ability, challenging myself, by organizing, gaining freedom, with vision, while coordinating my conviction.

“There is nothing great in the world except man, and there is nothing great in man except mind.” – Plato

Old timers call it “having gumption” is a post from Carlye’s Expressions


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