Mantra the Sankrit root definition is “man” to think, and “tra” to liberate thought through vibrations and sounds to awaken the life force within.


Try It

Try It

Yoga Sutra is not merely physical fitness, but to pursue the depths of self-exploration, a systematic journey directly to the center of consciousness, mindful and aware of thought, to awaken the inner- consciousness.

Systematic Journey

Systematic Journey

Affirmations akin to aphorisms are phrases, powerful belief statements with the purpose of suggestion or auto-suggestion. The objective is to awaken within the unconscious area of mind, the sub conscious and super conscious, referred to as the “infra conscious.”

And So Are You

And So Are You

All forms of methodology at best.

Psychologist are beginning to give more credence to phenomena of the hidden planes of the mind and its unexplored regions, as they shift thinking, realizing that the knowledge that they have come to know, is in fact made up of the unknown and in-cognizable.

On many occasions, it is my realization that that which I thought I knew, I really know very little at all. Where old opinions held so close, have become replaced with new ones.

Those With Your Best Interest At Heart

Those With Your Best Interest At Heart

Consciousness plays only a small role in wider complexities of action and emotion. It is the effects that we are conscious of when we experience love, fear, joy, ease, or anger.

So when you find yourself consciously practicing a methodology, be it prayer, meditation, songs or praise, affirmationsmantra or yoga sutra, remember it’s not the organization of your attendance that enlarges the higher self, nor the phrases of suggestion or auto-suggestion alone. It is the unconscious, unexplainable life force that shapes, molds and designs on our actions, feelings and thoughts as we create our reality.

You have chosen to walk the face of this planet in all your splendor and magnitude. You are not depraved of life, love or joy, but the reflections of all you see yourself to be.  Stand tall, walk upright, not down-trodden or timid. You abound of energy, fortitude and clarity.  It is nonsense to believe anything other. Dance as you linger in the presence of self, radiantly alive.

You are a Beautiful Spirit, having a Human Experience, playing in the realm of the “infra conscious.”


Now why is that in wrapping this up, I am feeling Lionel Richie’s song,  “All Night Long.” 🙂

“Affirmation, Yoga Sutra, Mantra” is a post from Carlye’s Expressions


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