Summon Your power of Acceptance

I ask what does acceptance really mean, and what does proactive have to do with it.? Have there been instances in your life, especially when you hear words such as… “accept it, there’s nothing you can do?”  Does it pertain to accepting being treated like a door mat, putting up with everything and anything that people throw your way while biting your lip when you know your screaming inside  because you want so badly to give that person a piece of your mind. Or is it where you come out to the car to find someone has scratched your new paint job or when you’re in a hurry to only find the tire is flat?

Not Now!

Not Now!

 Allow me to share a story:

A friend rang asking for help today from where she works at an on-site newly constructed complex on Sundays. She shows newly developed models for apartments and on arriving realized the front tire of the car had picked up a puncture from the debris of the construction.  Mind you now, she’s concerned because the tire is rapidly losing pressure and if nothing is done pronto, she’s stuck. After all, on a Sunday there are few, if any tire shops open.

Of All The Days
Of All The Days

What does a tire puncture have to do with acceptance, you ask?  Well under normal circumstances, this is enough to make a person anxious, because now we’re talking about choices involving time constraints. She could complain and be upset about working on a Sunday with no-one there to help, spend the day cursing the builders or the company for not having cleaned or cleared the parking area, or be proactive.


On receiving the call,  her voice sounded anxious about leaving the job after only just arriving, especially now since that would mean opening the office late on her first day.  She could open and wait till the end of the day, change the tire herself and put on the donut tire, or chance it going to find the nearest open tire repair shop before it becomes completely deflated, risking it riding on the rims, which would cause further damage or possibly an accident.

When I arrived we manage to safely get to a shop that was open, and in our discovery found the screw had gone straight through, which was the reason for rapid air loss.  I followed her back to work, where she parked in the next establishment’s open parking lot because they were closed for the weekend.

On my way out, it began apparent, I too had driven into the new construction site complex and it would be smart to check my tires as well.  My mind began to run away with the what-ifs, which I quickly put to rest and turned on music.

If you’ve never been in a situation like hers, than you’re one of the fortunate ones.  However, what I found interesting was how well she handled the incident.  Sandy assessed the situation but did not allow herself to be paralyzed to take action.  She accepted it as being so, and acted proactively.  How many times have you (I) found ourselves in (maybe not the exact chain of events), but similar with no-one at your immediate disposal to help and you panic out of fear?


Life can throw some curve balls that catch us off guard and before you know it, the element of fear consumes thoughts, paralyzing action. Fear has stopped many a person in their steps for great opportunities, where when the chaos involving the matter is over, only then in hind-sight, memories of those incidents and how they could have been handled without reacting to fear come to mind.


You see, no matter where or what comes at you, when you stop to accept in that moment, resisting anger, frustration, or rage, you are opening a way for a greater understanding which then allows you to become proactive rather then act on emotions based on fear.  Very little is accomplished out of fear that clouds the mind. Like Sandy, by putting her fear(s) in check, she was able to think clearly which enabled her to be proactive,  turning what could have taken another course, into a win-win situation both for her car and her peace of mind.

Summon your power of acceptance, and that power will allow you to become proactive for the win-wins in your life.

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“Summon Your Power Of Acceptance” is a post from Carlye’s Expressions


4 responses to “Summon Your power of Acceptance

    • This story was not so much about the tire but a way of sharing a message from a different perspective a message.(hence the title)

      The message is:- instead of fighting with any situation.have acceptance, that in the moment it is what it is, this allows for clarity of the mind to find and make a proactive decision.

      Think of it like this. Movies are scripts of a story, and within that movie is a message, only it’s visual which is another perspective of sharing the message. It’s a matter of the type of message we leave with from the story.

      Thank you for following and for the heads up on AAA.

  1. Yes, accept it & get back on track. Getting upset will damage your health & then you’ll have two problems with the avoidable high blood pressure & stress being the worst of the two. However, I believe that we should not accept scam attempts, people including friends/family trying to take advantage, & wrongful work practices on the job.

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