Why Conscious Expressions Of Infinite Intelligence?

In my search for a definition to describe thoughts and how and what all this means to me, I came across  a copy of  “The Law of  The New Thought” by William Walter Atkinson 1902.  He writes about telepathy, law-of-attraction, “thoughts are things” in what is referred today, as the new, but not so new, Spiritual Awakening of man’s higher self, in the embodiment of Infinite Intelligence.

These words of the author left an impression on my mind… “thoughts are hungry for expression, and flock to the mind of him who has sufficient energy to express thoughts which come to him.”

This got me thinking of the numerous times hungry thoughts had come to me that I have not expressed.  I am once again presented with an opportunity to share with you on this blog, life realities from many perspectives.

Perhaps you will read an article that captivates sufficient energy within you, feeling free to share, whatever resonates in your heart.

Come walk with me on the journey through my mind, as I take the courage to travel along new lines of thought in Infinite Intelligence.

“In this Infinity of Life where we are, all is perfect, whole, and complete. Each one of us, myself included, experience the fulness and richness of life in ways that are meaningful to us.” –  Louise Hay.



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