Where Are You Vibrationally????

It is my wish to extend to each and everyone a  Happy 2014 for prosperity with great love for life.

My apologizes for those that have been tuning in to only find things a bit amiss.  I’d like to call it a vibrational sabbatical putting me back on track. Here is an audio shared about Abraham Hicks that better describes where some of you may find yourself in looking for a solution.

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Releasing the impediment…

Lately I’ve been at a loss for words. literally. On the other hand, it is in sharing quotes or what has resonated by re-blogging as a way while in this transition, to still show expression of similar thoughts or ideas of thought.


I’m having a time putting my finger on the impediment that needs to be released, as I delve to unearth these moments and their root cause. In my quest for personal growth and expansion as a physical being, creation and its universal laws leave me bewildered in my self-discovery of change.


I don’t subscribe to television, so media is not an immediate influence with gratitude first and foremost in my every day life.  In watching this video, I know expressions of appreciation have always been my strong points, but a loss for words, hardly. Am I sad, happy? If it has a description, the best words that come to mind is like “an ebbing tide.”

It’s as if I’ve taken a step back to become the observer which to friends seems odd, as we’re always having  lively conversations on multiply subjects. With a background in cognitive behavior, stress management and psychology there are always questions of why and what and the interplay of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Brian Weiss in his book, Many Lives, Many Masters speaks about his  true life self-discovery of new phenomenon on thoughts and behavior.


Perhaps this is yet another shift of my consciousness in the phenomenon of my world.

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Summon Your power of Acceptance

I ask what does acceptance really mean, and what does proactive have to do with it.? Have there been instances in your life, especially when you hear words such as… “accept it, there’s nothing you can do?”  Does it pertain to accepting being treated like a door mat, putting up with everything and anything that people throw your way while biting your lip when you know your screaming inside  because you want so badly to give that person a piece of your mind. Or is it where you come out to the car to find someone has scratched your new paint job or when you’re in a hurry to only find the tire is flat?

Not Now!

Not Now!

 Allow me to share a story:

A friend rang asking for help today from where she works at an on-site newly constructed complex on Sundays. She shows newly developed models for apartments and on arriving realized the front tire of the car had picked up a puncture from the debris of the construction.  Mind you now, she’s concerned because the tire is rapidly losing pressure and if nothing is done pronto, she’s stuck. After all, on a Sunday there are few, if any tire shops open.

Of All The Days
Of All The Days

What does a tire puncture have to do with acceptance, you ask?  Well under normal circumstances, this is enough to make a person anxious, because now we’re talking about choices involving time constraints. She could complain and be upset about working on a Sunday with no-one there to help, spend the day cursing the builders or the company for not having cleaned or cleared the parking area, or be proactive.


On receiving the call,  her voice sounded anxious about leaving the job after only just arriving, especially now since that would mean opening the office late on her first day.  She could open and wait till the end of the day, change the tire herself and put on the donut tire, or chance it going to find the nearest open tire repair shop before it becomes completely deflated, risking it riding on the rims, which would cause further damage or possibly an accident.

When I arrived we manage to safely get to a shop that was open, and in our discovery found the screw had gone straight through, which was the reason for rapid air loss.  I followed her back to work, where she parked in the next establishment’s open parking lot because they were closed for the weekend.

On my way out, it began apparent, I too had driven into the new construction site complex and it would be smart to check my tires as well.  My mind began to run away with the what-ifs, which I quickly put to rest and turned on music.

If you’ve never been in a situation like hers, than you’re one of the fortunate ones.  However, what I found interesting was how well she handled the incident.  Sandy assessed the situation but did not allow herself to be paralyzed to take action.  She accepted it as being so, and acted proactively.  How many times have you (I) found ourselves in (maybe not the exact chain of events), but similar with no-one at your immediate disposal to help and you panic out of fear?


Life can throw some curve balls that catch us off guard and before you know it, the element of fear consumes thoughts, paralyzing action. Fear has stopped many a person in their steps for great opportunities, where when the chaos involving the matter is over, only then in hind-sight, memories of those incidents and how they could have been handled without reacting to fear come to mind.


You see, no matter where or what comes at you, when you stop to accept in that moment, resisting anger, frustration, or rage, you are opening a way for a greater understanding which then allows you to become proactive rather then act on emotions based on fear.  Very little is accomplished out of fear that clouds the mind. Like Sandy, by putting her fear(s) in check, she was able to think clearly which enabled her to be proactive,  turning what could have taken another course, into a win-win situation both for her car and her peace of mind.

Summon your power of acceptance, and that power will allow you to become proactive for the win-wins in your life.

Feel free to comment.

“Summon Your Power Of Acceptance” is a post from Carlye’s Expressions

Oh.. The Joys of Being Today’s 50’s Woman

Title sound strange ? Well don’t get bent out of shape over it.  It’s my expression and I’m liking it and that’s the cool thing about blogging.

Hi Guys,

It’s Friday evening here, and as my day winds down, this gives me a chance to share how amazed I am by all of the intriguing people here in the blogosphere  with their suggestions of various food, fashion, dreams, languages, points of view, life hurdles,  conquest, exciting adventures and the causes they support.   It’s one colossal smorgasbord where you could encounter a moral boost, encouragement to take action, a light that  sparks or ignites imaginable dreams, or find answers to questions. If you should manage to give or find intrinsic value to why you blog, or read someone else’s blog(s), then the time spent is worth its weight in gold.

They're Everywhere

They’re Everywhere

In this blogosphere, of innumerable opportunity you get to decide, if you’d like to take part to venture into the life of fellow blogger(s), as you share, make new friendships, acquaintances, travel buddies, teach or be taught by those you connect with globally.



I’d like to share with you lifestyle possibilities  in which Today’s 50’s Woman finds a sense of reward, unlike the woman of the 50’s, who could only dream, limited by the expectations of that era.  No I’m not being compensated in any way for this endorsement :-). I’m just cool like that, wanting you all to be a part in seeing and knowing how some of us strong, independent thinking women live. Why not? To see people like TravelSpirit333 (that’s her handle by the way,) oh, that’s right this is not ham-radio, but boy is she living, or  is she living.  Looks like taking action to live life’s experiences  to me, it’s hands down living in my book.

I'm in for the chocolate

I’m in for the chocolate

Now let’s meet our fellow blogger TravelSpirit333 mentioned in the previous paragraph  who has not allowed the typical stereotypes attached to age to limit her in being adventurous.  It surely re-ignited and got me to think of what limitations I have allowed to be imposed on me because of age.

This is to all of the women out there who have reached or believe that reaching  the  50 marker of life  is old; and know it’s time for re-programming of what the majority thinks is expected at that age.  We women are powerful, magnificent energetic beings even at 50.

Another Today's 50's Woman

Another Today’s 50’s Woman

By the way we’re not a woman that is 50 years old, like when someone exclaims,”you’re 50, yet you don’t look it!” What the hell does that mean anyway? Is that really a compliment, after all what is 50 supposed to look like, praytell?  We have women that are revamping life after the divorce, to only find the fellas that are 50 avoiding them, thinking they’re too old also.  Yeah you heard me. Just eat your heart out when you see women like them, a victoriously youthful soul of a woman.

Born 1955

Inman  58 – born the Month of July

And what’s with statistics telling us, we have to count each year only to be lumped into a database group of some sort. (Who they trying to fool?).  I consider myself as being – Today’s 50’s Woman, (just without the ish on the end of 50.) What is an ish anyway? 🙂  I just will not claim the term old, throwing off the assumptions of having to act and be  whatever old is.  I know, I know, there’s a definition for old, but who cares?

It’s nice to evolve in our own uniqueness, discovering our higher self, where we are able to find a kind of peace in what brings us the greatest joys for our life.

I invite all that envision life as full, joyful, abundant and limitless to come on over and comment.

Much Luv…

“Oh.. The Joys of Being Today’s 50’s Woman” is a post from Carlye’s Expressions


Old timers call it “having gumption”

I am always avidly reading articles, books and talking with others that share any interest in intuitive and independent thinking. I laugh when I find I get stuck on some of my own ideas based on so many generational influences.

It is said, I come from a lineage of long-living individuals. Shucks, my quick-witted 94-year-old grandmother still drives. She drove a 5-speed manual car until she was 90, trading that out for an automatic. No Joke! It’s her confidence in herself, her belief that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. Old-timers call it “having gumption.”

My Wheels

My Wheels

But like any generation there are personal and lifestyle characteristics that stick like gum on a shoe. You know what I mean don’t you? When gum gets in the groves of the sole and won’t budge without poking and prying to clear it out. That is why change for any generation is like those bits of gum, resisting to let go for perpetual expansion.

Everything we create originates in the mind. It’s always the invisible idea before it’s anything tangible. I read “Man is the joint heir to Consciousness that is common to all men.” This Consciousness is Infinite and Inexhaustible and the ability to harness the two, is only limited by its own estimations.” – Earl Prevette

Mind is Invisible

Mind is Invisible

You have the ability to become all that you envision yourself to be, but in order to do so, you have to have a passion for what you are doing. When you believe in what you envision for your life, you must build on those abilities. It could be you like painting, archery, languages, writing, MMA (mixed martial arts), to surf, whatever you desire, it’s when you consistently put in the time to apply the necessary steps, that the idea becomes your working piece of art manifested.

I love riding motorcycles. Was it scary the first time? Did I have confidence? Yes. My first motorcycle was a 50cc, then a 90cc, then a 150cc to a 250cc to the 600 Yamaha you see on my profile. I built off of  my ability to ride from the 50cc, getting better at it.  I love the unencumbered feeling riding a motorcycle offers.



When I think of the so-called by society Y” Generation’s ongoing efforts in finding suitable employment for themselves and the numbers that have graduated questioning “if all the money put into an education was a waste,” I am amazed to hear of the small percentages that have challenged their ability to start something. Where has imagination disappeared?

Does it take a degree, when others without a degree have consciously made a decision to dare to think for themselves, rely on their own ability to take action with confidence? Listen I’m not knocking education.  Just 3 days ago, I was listening to this coach, and in his speech he spoke of confidence not being enough, how skills are important.  I agree to disagree, because anyone with CONFIDENCE will be more likely to challenge their ability than the person questioning their skills and not doing anything.


I am considered of the Baby-Boomer generation and according to statistics Baby-Boomers are the reason for the high credit debt “buy now pay later” attitude. Well did I buy into that? NOPE! Baby-Boomer is just another box folks have been juxtaposed into, like Generation X and Y.



Go ahead, do what you have the confidence to do, so that you can realize the dream for yourself, whatever that may be! Seek, search and things will be revealed. Take the challenge to dare, think, organize (personal attributes and qualities) for freedom (unload the mind of what-ifs) and see your vision (imagination in action). Coordinate (ideas in harmony), have conviction (conquer doubt). Convince yourself and you convince all.


Who am I?  I am like you. You see, one of my many dreams is writing from the heart, building on my ability, adding value to another human being’s life. I am applying my ability, challenging myself, by organizing, gaining freedom, with vision, while coordinating my conviction.

“There is nothing great in the world except man, and there is nothing great in man except mind.” – Plato

Old timers call it “having gumption” is a post from Carlye’s Expressions

To Live Deliberately

Thoughts to ponder in, Henry David Thoreau’s ,I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately.”


Usually when I write from home, my inspiration sometimes comes when I am sitting in my favorite place overlooking a well manicured lawn, a magnificent lake where turtles sunbathe and ducklings waddle. There is a bird’s-eye view of the flow of traffic, but only the hum of the vehicles is heard in the distance.

From my view the cars whiz by as dark clouds roll across the sky, signalling a warning of impending showers any moment. I begin to think about the drivers out there heading to work after yesterday’s 4th of July public holiday here in America.

Today’s Thoughts

It’s Friday morning and for those up early to get a jump on the day of a closing work week, it’s hard not to focus on the upcoming weekend plans. Who in the 9-5 doldrum of life doesn’t look forward to Friday? Well except those that have taken a job in hospitality, retail, or the restaurant industry where public holidays, any holiday for that matter would be a long-awaited comfort in their line of work. Which brings me back to my opening paragraph and its deeper meaning.

In the writing of Henry David Thoreau’s, “I went to the woods because I wish to live deliberately,” the words live deliberately resonated in my mind. What is living deliberately? Is it centered around a job of stress, waiting for the next holiday to spend time with friends and family? Maybe this describes you, unable to finish those projects, or new ideas put aside because you’re too tired after work from helping someone else build their dream?


For Henry Thoreau, the woods was his place to “front the essentials of life”.  I envision him being in a quiet place, the sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling beneath his footsteps, where poplar and oak trees shade him from the sun. You may believe you don’t have that luxury to escape it all with life being so busy. And what is it that is essentially important to his life? Is it to find within himself those experiences which matter most, and in his discovery promise himself to take action to live and not merely exist?

As I sit here thinking about what is essentially important to me to live a deliberate life, the dark clouds have burst pelting the earth with rain. Turning my attention to the traffic I notice the cars are no longer whizzing by so quickly. There is a cry of sirens approaching, where some poor shcmuck thought it would be a brilliant idea to try to race the light on a wet road. Was that driver living deliberately?

I ask, myself and all of you, is it your wish to “live deliberately,” and if it is, what actions are you taking each day to make that possible, so that you too, will not come to discover when it’s time to die, that you “had not lived,” really lived?

In my reflecting to find a deeper meaning, I came across this article today written by James Altucher, titled 10 Reasons Why You Have To Quit Your Job This Year.

We do live in a time like no other, where technology with right mind thinking offers limitless possibilities. A time where the only limits are created by our lack of imagination. Perhaps you will discover that to live deliberately is not as far-fetched as you believe. The paradigm shift is not only about environmental issues alone, but about us, you and me.

To Live Deliberately is a post from Carlye’s Expressions



The paradigm shift is not just about environmental issues alone, but about looking into the perceptions that are relevant to our lifestyle choices. Has there been a time when your mind struggles with a thought knowing intuitively the answer, making you feel a bit divided with the choices you make? When this happens do you decide quickly, or linger over the rationale?


Do you ever ask “why” of others vocally as well as within yourself? Remember the employee fired because of 99% accuracy rate?  Well, they were sincerely being them-self when they asked questions about their well-being. This is what one does to have an understanding of a person’s reasoning. To some folks that would be considered a strike against them. Think about it, what have you been taught?

As a child when I asked ‘WHY,” at best, the reply went something like this. “It’s not important, just do as I say.”  Children are amazing, so curious, wide-eyed in their innocence of wanting to establish their individuality or voice. Curiosity may be their way of getting a grasp into the adult world, a way of trying to close the invisible gap to feel loved, accepted and important (valued) by those they admire. However, when constantly scolded for asking, a learned behavior becomes instilled in the mind, which translates to a child as, do if you want to have and be loved.


These same children become the adult-children, having no cognition for their actions. What has happened to critical, independent thinking without fear of reprisal? 😦 Why accept decisions from others that compromise your own values and self-image?

If you don't do, you will not be getting that raise.

“If you don’t do it, you’ll never have what you want to be????? really.

Ever seen a child that is eager to grow up, to only find in adulthood confusing behavior subjected by another adult that seemed only possible in childhood? Behaviors such as quiet temper tantrums, vocal name calling or ridicule among peers, a new acquaintance within a group of friends, heck, even strangers disliked because of their lifestyle, hair, accent, culture or the model of their car.

In this Do as I say, to Have  in life, to Be  society,  there  is paradigm shift of those awakened willing to BE  more of what they wish to project from within as they DO make changes to HAVE  a better outcome for their goal(s) desired.

Are you being what you think yourself to “BE”, which results in what you “DO” to “HAVE” in life?







Expressing Your Divine Self….

“BE – DO – HAVE…”  is a post from Carlye’s Expressions