Where Are You Vibrationally????

It is my wish to extend to each and everyone a  Happy 2014 for prosperity with great love for life.

My apologizes for those that have been tuning in to only find things a bit amiss.  I’d like to call it a vibrational sabbatical putting me back on track. Here is an audio shared about Abraham Hicks that better describes where some of you may find yourself in looking for a solution.

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Spirit when discovered..

“Spirit when discovered to consciousness of soul seeks to clothe itself harmoniously and so casts out all error. Spirit is distinct from matter, though not from energy. It is through energy and Law that God is associated with the Universe, According to Hermetic doctrine, Christ is not person but process, by which man becomes transmuted into spirit.”

– Frances Larimer Warner author of Our Invisible Supply

Musings Episode 18: Appreciation…

I really like this.. Thank You.

Rego's Life

This week has been pretty crazy. Crazy as in busy – the good kind…I’ve been working on a treatment for a screenplay I’ve had for a while now, and in working on it I came to think of a few things.

Gratitude…no – appreciation. Appreciation for one. Why…?

Appreciation is a wonderful thing copy

Looking back on the years gone by, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot that many people wait a lifetime to do. I’ve gained a lot of skills, seen a lot of places, done a lot of things, and have had my fair share of ups and downs. The latter has always been a learning experience, and everything else an adventure as well as an education.

If I had to go back and change anything – I don’t think I would. Sure, there was the occasional foolishness – but even that I don’t think I would change. So for this episode I’d…

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“If we plant a …

“If we plant a seed in the ground we know that the sun will shine and the rain will water, and we leave it to the Law to bring results…Well, the desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun, and your constant, though not anxious, expectation is the rain and cultivation necessary to bring absolutely sure results…”

— Frances Larimer Warner, Our Invisible Supply: Part One 1907

Releasing the impediment…

Lately I’ve been at a loss for words. literally. On the other hand, it is in sharing quotes or what has resonated by re-blogging as a way while in this transition, to still show expression of similar thoughts or ideas of thought.


I’m having a time putting my finger on the impediment that needs to be released, as I delve to unearth these moments and their root cause. In my quest for personal growth and expansion as a physical being, creation and its universal laws leave me bewildered in my self-discovery of change.


I don’t subscribe to television, so media is not an immediate influence with gratitude first and foremost in my every day life.  In watching this video, I know expressions of appreciation have always been my strong points, but a loss for words, hardly. Am I sad, happy? If it has a description, the best words that come to mind is like “an ebbing tide.”

It’s as if I’ve taken a step back to become the observer which to friends seems odd, as we’re always having  lively conversations on multiply subjects. With a background in cognitive behavior, stress management and psychology there are always questions of why and what and the interplay of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Brian Weiss in his book, Many Lives, Many Masters speaks about his  true life self-discovery of new phenomenon on thoughts and behavior.


Perhaps this is yet another shift of my consciousness in the phenomenon of my world.

“Releasing the Impediment” is a post from  Carlye’s Expressions

“We attain free…

“We attain freedom as we let go of whatever does not reflect our magnificence. A bird cannot fly high or far with a stone tied to its back. But release the impediment, and we are free to soar to unprecedented heights.”

– Alan Cohen, owner of the Florida Panthers

Musings Episode 17: Understanding The Unsaid…Body Language and Reading The Air

Rego's Life

Words in my opinion are extraordinarily superfluous. They’re not really how we as humans communicate. It’s been said that 93% of our communication is non-verbal – 38% being vocal (i.e. tone), 55% physical (gestures, facial expressions, posture, eye contact), and only 7% being words to make 100% (check out Dr. Albert Mehrabian‘s book, Silent Messages).


This got me thinking….if the majority of what we say is how we come across physically and tonally – how often is it that people really pay attention to their day-to-day habits?

…and even if people are self-conscious of the way they talk and act – do they really realize how they’re coming across…? I touched on this briefly in both Musings Episode 14 and 16, and thought I’d elaborate a bit further.


There’s a vast difference I’ve come to realize since living in both the Western world and…

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“When it is obv…

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”

Confucius – China’s most famous teacher, philosopher,
and political theorist, 551-479 BC

I like this quote because rarely is the advice to adjust the steps, but in most instances people are told to re-evaluate their goals.